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There is no area of ​​our society that religion has had no influence on. Education, health care, social action, art, youth movement and development cooperation, but also politics, press, agriculture and economy.

You will find historical and current heritage of all these domains in KADOC.

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CIVITAS-Academy 2023, KADOC, 7-11 November

The 2023 CIVITAS-Academy, an initiative of CIVITAS-Forum of Archives and Research on Christian Democracy for young and early career researchers to stimulate fresh interdisciplinary approaches and themes and to connect the history of Christian-Democracy to wider and comparative fields of research, will take place from 7 to 10 November 2023 at KADOC-KU Leuven. 

This third edition welcomes Dr. Simon Unger-Alvi (German Historical Institute Rome) as a keynote speaker on 'Christian Renewal and Conservative Continuities: German Christian Democracy and the Catholic Church after 1945'. 

The conference can be followed online. For registration and questions, contact Dr. Godfried Kwanten (KADOC-KU Leuven).

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In the KADOC Studies on Religion, Culture and Society series, historian Fabio Bolzonar, affiliated with ULB's Centre d'Etude de la Vie Politique,  published his doctorate on the changing influence of Catholicism in France. He reflects on the developments in French post-war society until the mid-2010s and notes that Catholic mobilization has relocated from the political to the civil society sphere, making voluntary organizations and social movements, rather than political parties, the main channels for defending Catholic values in secular France.

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It is difficult to think of any area in our society where religion has not had an influence: education, health care, social action, art, youth movements and development aid, as well as politics, the press, agriculture and economics have all been touched by it.

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KADOC is dedicated to the safeguarding, optimal management, dynamic retrieval and study of the historical heritage that has emerged from the interaction between religion, culture and society in Flanders, in its national and international context.

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KADOC's research initiatives seek to clarify the cultural and social impact of religion and its many material and immaterial manifestations, using a broad, interreligious and transnational perspective.

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KADOC is continuously working on various heritage, public and research projects.

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Through KADOCHERITAGE.BE, KADOC wants to share the heritage it preserves with the general public. This is done through online exhibitions, the presentation of collections and by regularly putting a special ‘object’ in the spotlight.

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